Steak Maker

Steak Maker feedlot supplements have high nutrient density that your cattle need to efficiently meet their genetic potential. Research-proven, Steak Maker products are supplements that have different levels of nutrients to fit specific situations. Products are made with a variety of protein and NPN levels, mineral and vitamin fortification, as well as feed additive options to fit different feeding rates, grain and roughage sources, and stage of growth.

Steak Maker Grower 38-0

Steak Maker Co-Product Balancer

Steak Maker 40-20

Accuration Products

Accuration products effectively control cattle eating behavior resulting in snack eating. This allows the removal of most or all of the roughage from the diet, optimizing efficiency and dramatically reducing manure output. This improves pen conditions and cattle comfort, while reducing labor and other cost of manure removal. Accuration is a great way to increase performance and profitability on your farm by using a self-feeder.

Accuration Grower
Accuration Finisher